Our technology helps brands connect with, learn from and engage customers, without ever knowing their name.

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We understand that connecting with your customers is a challenge.

Only 1 in 5 customers open your emails. And only 1-2% of those will go on to engage with them.

Over half of app users become inactive within the first month.

And, these days, everyone’s concerned with digital privacy.

At 21:32, we think about your needs and your customers'.

Connect Anonymously.

Customers anonymously download your app on any device. They don’t have to give their personal details or fill in any forms.

Locate & Learn.

Track your customers’ anonymous profiles to build a comprehensive understanding of their behaviours.

Engage Intelligently.

Use these behavioural insights to create targeted and predictive campaigns based on your objectives.

With location learning, AI intelligence and a comprehensive data dashboard, our technology can help you influence customer purchasing decisions and draw them away from your competitors.

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Why choose 21:32?

We help businesses build brand loyalty responsibly.

As the restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors move towards personalised experiences, the demand for technology that can drive growth and engagement will only increase.

The difference is our technology addresses both business and customer needs.

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