21:32 on the 12/10/16

Taking a bite out of the competition.

The project brief was to help Subway, a fast food restaurant franchise with over 42,000 locations worldwide, compete with other Quick Service Restaurants in Los Angeles and San Diego by creating an onboarding Wi-Fi app for their California stores. 21:32 set out to to increase app acquisition, retention and monetisation by transforming their guest Wi-Fi into a customer engagement tool.

Their intelligent, anonymous SDK has changed the way we communicate with our customers and helped us significantly increase promotion conversion rates.

Bob Grewal
Subway Development Agent

All they can eat insights.

At 21:32 on Wednesday 12th October 2016, Subway connected with their first customer through our anonymous app technology, inspiring our name and marking the start of our journey together.

We initially integrated our SaaS software solution into their existing Wi-Fi network in their Los Angeles and San Diego stores. Our SDK was laid over their existing app to help increase app acquisition by prompting customers to download it through the Apple store or Google Play to access free Wi-Fi.

We also created additional features for their app to increase retention and interaction, including in-app arcade games and a jukebox voting system that allows customers to choose upcoming songs.

With the app acting as a digital passport for all future connections, Subway have gained real insight into their customers – better understanding what they want, when they want it and which competitors they visit. 

This knowledge has enabled Subway to create smart, personalised marketing campaigns that have increased uptake in promotions and ROI by 879% in one month.

The launch was so successful, with app acquisition increasing by 53% in three months, Subway has asked us to expand our technology to all of their US stores.

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