About Us

We help businesses build brand loyalty, responsibly.

Our Software Origin Story.

At precisely 21:32, on Wednesday 12th October 2016 our first ever customer connected with us. We don’t know who they were, but we do know their location and what they were doing.

Our unique, patented software enables your customers to connect anonymously through your app on any device.

Beyond your four walls, at any time of the day, you can locate where they are and learn all about what they do and love.

And then you can engage intelligently through a comprehensive data analytics dashboard, using AI to provide your customers with the right offers at the right time.

Chloe’s Dilemma

11:01Chloe's grabbing her mid-morning coffee.
She has a question.
To access Wi-Fi, does she really need to give her name? Her email address? When she was born?
We say no. No she shouldn't have to.
13:28But the coffee chain wants to market great offers, cheaper deals and loads of free stuff. Can you do that without personal data?
15:44All you need to know is what your customers do, what they want and what they like. Our technology helps you connect anonymously with customers, and build brand loyalty responsibly through relevant marketing.
21:32Time for anonymous data.

Meet the Team

Chris Smith
Founder & CEO

CloseComms was founded in 2015 by Chris. He has over 20 years experience in digital, specialising in proximity marketing.

Adam Mayer
Chief Technical Officer

Adam is responsible for implementing 21:32’s development process, and is always on the lookout for new tech.

Pete Nicholson
Head of Development

Pete is our Head of Development and is a full stack developer, he has over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Warren Dent
Creative Director

Warren is a multi-disciplinary designer with over 25 years experience, and oversees all aspects of branding and design.

Steve Waite
Head of IT

In addition to backend development and overseeing servers, Steve manages the digital infrastructures for 21:32.

Ellis James
Senior Developer

El is our front-end specialist but he wears many hats, he’s our go to fixer when a member of the team is stuck.

Pedro Simão
Senior Developer

Pedro’s specialty is React Native, he focuses on iOS development making sure our apps look and run great.

Jully Jain
Software QA Engineer

Jully is responsible for testing and ensuring our software works before release and has 5 year’s experience.

Daniel Harris

Dan has 3 years experience as a Junior Developer, he works with JavaScript / Node, NestJS on MySQL for our QSR platform.

Heather Perkins
Media & Comms. Officer

Heather deals in all things Communications, from running the social media accounts to attending events.

Laura Etheridge
Office Manager

Laura has over 10 years experience in Office management and maintains the office and HR function.

Raymond Shaw
Dev Ops Architect

Raymond oversees the DevOps, Architecture, and Engineering for 21:32 infrastructure, specialising within AWS.

Simon Hodson
Junior Developer

Simon, a former carpenter, is engaged in most aspects of 21:32’s development environment, focusing on mobile react native.