Our Platform

Our acquisition costs are 98.5% lower than the industry standard at $0.06 per app download.

Convert your Wi-Fi and app into an affordable customer engagement tool.

Our unique, patented software enables your customers to connect anonymously through your app on any device, improving app retention by 33% after 60 days compared to the market average.

Beyond your four walls, at any time of the day, you can locate where they are and learn all about what they do and love.

And then you can engage intelligently through a comprehensive data analytics dashboard, using AI to provide your customers with the right offers at the right times.

Connect Anonymously

1. Our anonymous SDK is laid over your existing app or built into a bespoke one.

Integrate our technology into your existing app and Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Your existing wireless network is configured to our network. When accessing your app, customers will be redirected to the App Store of their specific device and prompted to download the app to access your free Wi-Fi network.

Tailor your app or build a new one with our skilled technicians.

If you don’t already have an app, we're able to help you build one for your brand. We're also able to add features to your existing app to drive engagement, including games, transaction software and commercial advertising panels.

2. Customers download the app to receive Wi-Fi, creating an anonymous profile.

Use our patented anonymous app technology to protect your customers’ privacy.

Automatically create anonymous, trackable profiles for your customers when they download the app on any device.

Streamline app acquisition and Wi-Fi access with a two-click registration process.

We've created a low barrier for entry onto your Wi-Fi network. With no personal data entry required, our simple 2 click system takes seconds to complete. It takes even less time for returning users as they'll automatically connect to the Wi-Fi when opening your app.

Locate & Learn

3. AI tracks your customers as they go about their day.

Detect when your customers are near your store using our SDK in your app.

Our app technology runs in the background of the anonymous customer’s device, so we‘re able to gather location-based insights into their day-to-day activities.

Track customer behaviours using the Wi-Fi network and beacon technology.

Our SaaS solution tracks when a customer connects to your Wi-Fi network or triggers a beacon, allowing us to build an extended user profile.

4. AI builds a deep understanding of your customer’s purchasing behaviours.

Convert your app into a digital passport for your customers so you know whenever they are in store using your Wi-Fi.

Once downloaded, the app will automatically authenticate that user onto your Wi-Fi network whenever it’s launched. There’s no need to log back in or complete any registration forms, improving customer experience, increasing app longevity and allowing you to calculate frequency of store visits.

Record live and historic customer interactions.

Location-based intelligence from each customer’s anonymous profile is uploaded live and stored on your data dashboard. You can then see patterns in both their individual behaviours and general behaviours across the wider audience segments.

Engage Intelligently

5. A dashboard provides a detailed view of target customers’ preferences.

Analyse Wi-Fi and app usage on your data dashboard.

We collect real-time information from the customer’s app about when and where they’ve accessed your app or Wi-Fi. All of this is presented clearly on a comprehensive data dashboard.

Understand your audiences behaviours through their points of interest.

Our data dashboard provides you with insight into the places your customers like to visit, how long they spend there, when they go and what they purchase.

6. Intelligent, predictive campaigns can be run to achieve specific business goals, such as targeting competitor share.

Use location-based intelligence to create loyalty campaigns, competitor campaigns and first visit promotions.

Our technology enables you to deliver push notifications and location-specific adverts. You can also create competitor campaigns, offering customers special promotions when traveling within a selected distance of a competitor's location.

Segment and target groups of customers using AI.

Our intelligent AI technology enables real-time audience segmentation so you can send relevant offers to customers based on their purchase history, past engagement patterns, demographic, location on a heat map and much more.

Predict the conversion rate and profitability of campaigns using AI.

Based on existing knowledge of individual purchasing behaviours, our AI technology is able to calculate an estimated conversation rate for promotional campaigns. That way you can better manage your marketing spend and bottom line.

Increase engagement with branded, in-app arcade games and prizes.

Our technology is packed with features to make digital interaction with customers simple, fun and efficient. From booking systems, customer feedback and loyalty programmes, through to branded games and a jukebox function (allowing customers to vote on upcoming songs, learning their preferences and tailoring playlists), we’ve created features that help you engage and retain customers.

Increase in customer acquisition from competitor campaigns.

Conversions from in-app games.

Of guests returned within 48 hours of receiving an offer.

21:32 developed a good understanding of our vision from the start and it’s been great seeing the work come to life. Their intelligent, anonymous SDK has changed the way we communicate with our customers and helped us significantly increase promotion conversion rates. The team are brilliantly flexible and we hope to continue developing our app with them to achieve our long-term business goals.

Bob Grewal,
Subway Development Agent